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Now That we are Older...

A Brand New Story Unfolds About God and the Laws we Have Always Been Told

28 January 1985
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I'm trying, I am not who I want to be...not even close. I like to think, which gets me in trouble. I can be the most rational or the most irrational depending on the time of the day. I'd rather be outside if possible. I am laid back unless competing. Wake boarding is freeing. Tennis is theraputic. Kentucky Basketball stresses me out.
I paint what I like, and draw what I can't say. I read the Bible, but not as much as I should. I have been let down and hurt. I have let down and hurt people.
Recovery is hard no matter what you are getting away from.
Not being able to forgive ties you to that person forever. I am trying to cut the ties....I am trying